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A speech and language evaluation is a measurement of a child's communication skills. 

The therapist will have you complete a patient questionnaire which includes:

Developmental History – including the ages at which your child started doing certain activities like sitting, walking, making speech sounds, etc.

Health History – including any serious illnesses, operations, accidents or recurring health problems

Family – including names and ages of brothers and sisters, discussion of family members who may have speech or hearing problems, etc.

Speech and language behaviors - including your comments about your child’s speech and language skills and any causes of concern.

The therapist will use games, toys, and other common objects to encourage your child to speak. The therapist will assess your child's receptive language skills (his or her ability to comprehend language) and expressive language skills (his or her ability to express his or herself).


30 minute sessions twice per week.

Your child's therapist will work toward a set of goals that were determined during your child's initial evaluation. Each therapist will use play as a way to help your child with language development, social interaction, communication, and articulation so that they can express wants and needs and develop meaningful relationships.

After the speech therapy session, your child's therapist will give you tips, resources, and information about how to work with your child between therapy sessions. The therapist will also talk with you about your concerns and questions regarding your child's speech and language skills.


For Inquiries And Questions,

Please Call or Text 

 (850) 217-3577

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